Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling

Whatever the reason is that brings you here today, there is hope…

Psychotherapy is a journey – a path towards healing and growth. I have been on that journey and that is why I believe in this process and have dedicated over 25 years to create a caring and compassionate space for you to come and explore, and work towards possible breakthroughs.

Just having someone to talk to is a big step – sharing your problems, working on inner obstacles ( such as belief systems, repeating parental behaviour, defence mechanisms, psychological games, etc.), or family issues (such as narcissistic or borderline parents, dysfunctional family dynamics, loneliness/isolation,cultural differences, etc.) are just some of the ways that psychotherapy can help you.

Depth psychotherapy requires commitment to yourself and your journey. Change, at times, is often very subtle and can be difficult and painful, but working through these obstacles can lead to finding that natural place which is in each of us.

When we can live from this place, we start to understand ourselves better, and find compassion for ourselves, and others. We start to know ourselves in a deeper way, and we find the resources within to lead the life we were meant to live. I believe my role is to support you with whatever you are going through and offer empathy, compassion, and, hopefully, some insight to help you work through this.


Once we set up an initial session I will email you a document to read and sign. This document lays out the details of how our sessions will work, my cancellation policy and confidentiality practice. There will be an opportunity to discuss this in our first session, if necessary.

The initial session is an assessment session where we will discuss your history and background leading up to your presenting issue. This can take one or two sessions depending on the depths we get into. We will discuss other practicalities and the recommended frequency of sessions.

Please note, I only work with individual patients, not couples or families at this time.