Therapy & Counselling

Whatever the reason is that brings you here today, there is hope…

My name is Debbie Charles and I have been where you are. I may not have the same issues or problems that you are going through, but I dealt with my own pain and went through my own counselling to help me heal my life.

That is why I believe in this process and have dedicated over 20 years creating a caring and compassionate space for you to come and explore and work towards possible breakthroughs.

Just having someone to talk to is a big step on this journey – sharing your problem, working on obstacles (both internally and externally), and exploring possibilities are just some of the ways that psychotherapy can help you.

I believe my role is to support you with whatever you are going through and offer empathy, compassion, and, hopefully, some insight to help you work through this.

What obstacles are you facing?

The answers to our problems lie within each of us; however there are inner obstacles that are getting in the way.

These obstacles can take the form of belief systems, repeating parental behaviour, defense mechanisms and psychological games, to name a few.

What issues are you dealing with?

Many of our problems may have started very early on in childhood and we keep manifesting the patterns throughout our lives.

We then develop symptoms that tell us things are going wrong.

These include depression, anxiety,  relationship problems, lack of meaning or purpose in life, low self esteem and confidence, boredom, or feeling defeated.

However, it is our symptoms that are the way into discovering what our deeper issues are.

The purpose of psychotherapy and counselling: & counselling

The work in psychotherapy and counselling is to name or notice our obstacles and to work through them.

Change, at times, is often very subtle and can be difficult and painful, but working through these obstacles can lead to finding that natural place which is in each of us.

When we can live from this place, we start to understand ourselves better, and find compassion for ourselves, and others.

We start to know ourselves in a deeper way, and we find the resources within to lead the life we were meant to live.

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