Quiet the mind…

©Mike; Flickr

©Mike; Flickr

I have been on an interesting journey in the past few months. My life suddenly became very quiet. Work slowed down, and I found myself spending more time alone than usual. I even stopped writing my blog, which I started earlier this year. I wasn’t sure why I stopped and, in the past, I would have felt anxious when my work became quiet, but this time it was different. I decided just to “go with the flow” and give myself the chance to reflect, deeply, in silence and solitude rather than try to force the issue.

I allowed myself to wander – in my thoughts and in my imagination. I allowed myself to wonder – about Life, about meaning, and about purpose. At times, I was not sure what I was doing, or where I was going with this. It amazed me how much my “mind” needed to “know” what I was going to do. Surrendering to a process became hard for that part of me that needed an answer, or a direction, straight away; as if stepping into the unknown was wrong and frightening, and getting back in control was the only way to go.

6b998da699002ce74cf72ce267bb7bc0I started to wonder how many of us make decisions based on a fear of the unknown. There were times when I believed that the future was scary, and everything was going to go wrong if I didn’t act fast. Ironically, some of my clients had been going through this, and I tried to tell my fearful Self what I tell them; that Life will help them, and that this is a learning process. Richard Bach’s quote came to mind:

“We teach best what we most need to learn.”

So true! The battle to allow this process to happen was tough at times, but it subsided and a feeling of peace emerged. I realized that I wasn’t lost – I was exploring. During this exploration, I have been able to gain clarity, especially about my work. My focus, as a psychotherapist, has been about healing and growth, but I want to add two more dimensions to my discipline – spirituality and wisdom.

I have noticed that more, and more, people are on a spiritual journey. Psychotherapy, especially where I live, focuses on goals and strategies, but there is a deeper place inside where people want to live from. This quiet time has helped me to see the importance that spirituality and wisdom play in my life. I may not have come to this place if I had tried to force an outcome, or allowed my fears to dominate my thinking.

soul quoteThose gentle words, “quiet the mind and the Soul will speak,” came true for me. I encourage you to take time out from your busy life to sit in silence and solitude to allow your Soul to speak. I know how busy and demanding Life can be, but even a few minutes alone, each day, is a start. The fears will come – (and knowing this is half the battle) – but try not to act on your fears. Listen to them, yes, and get support if you need it, but try not to act on them.

Wishing you peace on your journey….




  1. Mossy says:

    “You can hear/read… something that holds, draws, pin points, brings you…no matter how phrased, spoken, lectured even quoted to a one may think obvious realization but when you know the feeling never of nothing but joy and fulfillment and connectedness”

    Thank you whoever you are!

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