Leaving the harbour

©Steeedm; Flickr
©Steedm; Flickr

In my last post I wrote about being in limbo, waiting for an external source to give me an answer to the question – what are my next steps?

Well, I did get an answer, but not the one I was expecting. On the same day, two people, a client in a session, and a friend, said the same quote to me:

“A ship is safe in harbor…but that is not what ships are for.”

William Shedd

Such simple words, but so true.

I guess we can play it safe and stay in our “harbours”, our comfort zones, but is that what we are built for? Is that a big enough purpose to see us through our lives?

The more I think about this, I start to wonder how many of us do not do what we are meant to be doing with our lives. How many of us stay safe and do not express our deeper selves, and our talents?

Over the years, I have seen many clients with skills and capabilities that filled me with inspiration. I was  a witness to their potential, but their fears and beliefs held them back.

Some of them were able to work through the mental obstacles and go on to create businesses, or projects, that reflected who they are.

Others, sadly, couldn’t get past their belief systems, but I hold onto hope that, one day, they will be able to share themselves with the world.

©Gideon Chilton; Flickr
©Gideon Chilton; Flickr

My client said she found the quote and was thinking about it for her own life. My friend said it to me because I was not sure of my next steps. I thought writing was a way that I could express my thoughts and ideas, but was frightened of rejection, or failure.

When I heard this quote for the second time, I knew I had to take notice.

There are many qualities needed to take the first steps: courage and perseverance are just two of them. I needed support, and asking for help is difficult for an independent person like me.

But help I sought, and it came my way. I started a writing course, met some supportive people and created my blog.

I can still hear that little voice inside saying to me, “you shouldn’t be doing this because you are making a fool of yourself.” These harsh words and criticisms don’t have the same effect on me like they use to have. I know it is just my fear talking, trying to protect me.

To continue with this metaphor, I feel like I am just pulling out of the harbour and leaving the safety of the shore. There is a big ocean out there to be explored, and I am excited to see what will happen and who I will meet on the way.

 (For an update on this post, click here).


4 thoughts on “Leaving the harbour

  1. Hi Debbie,
    very good article, you’re absolutely right.
    I have a friend who has a lot of potential but she’s too insecure and frightened to shape her own destiny and is therefore stuck in a rut.
    Leaving our safe harbour makes us grow!

  2. Beautifully and eloquently written Debbie! I also like how honest and transparent you can be not only with yourself but with the world at large. That certainly takes guts! I must say that I have always considered you a person who has well and truly set sail well into the ocean so it’s interesting to me how you perceive yourself versus how others experience you..
    I look forward to reading more!

  3. Thanks so much Kerrie. This next journey is about searching for deeper meaning and expressing myself through writing. It’s the writing that is the new journey. I appreciate your kind words!

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