Hamilton Psychotherapy

Are you wanting to change your life, or heal your past?

www.debbiecharles.comOr, maybe you have come here today because you are not leading the life you want for yourself, or you do not have a sense of the fulfillment you imagined you would have by now. The good news is, it is never too late to change!

Psychotherapy is a partnership and it is my aim to create a safe and empathetic space in which you feel understood and accepted, whatever you are facing. This is how therapy may help→


New location in the heart of the Locke Street district…

My new office location is on Chatham Street close to the trendy neighbourhood of Locke Street. For more info please go to my location page –>



Benefits of Psychotherapy:Hamilton Psychotherapy

  • a deeper sense of self awareness
  • balancing out feelings and thoughts
  • accessing more creativity in your life
  • connection between your inner world and outer life
  • a deeper understanding of dynamics in relationships, with family, friends, and loved ones
  • creating meaningful relationships
  • uncovering long-existing patterns and habits that don’t work for you anymore
  • living a life of meaning and purpose based on your own ethics, values, dreams and ambitions
  • working through depression, anxiety and stress

I hope to hear from you soon…